John – ‘pug drawing’


I have skipped a little ahead of myself here having completed the drawing before showing anymore stages.  I managed to find a better charcoal pencil than the one I was using.  I was using a conte charcoal pencil because I feel loyal to that brand but it was too hard and scratchy.  Instead I used a Pitt charcoal pencil – medium which was much better, allowing me to put in the finer charcoal detail.  I added some colour with a pastel pencil – light tan colour. I am not a big fan of colour so I tend to use it sparingly and only as a hint of shade.

I’m going to call this little pug ‘John’ It’s not a commission, I set myself the challenge to draw a pug because they are so artistically wrong. The eyes are too far apart and often differing sizes. My artistic radar, which is getting better, tells me something is wrong constantly and it’s a good way of trying to balance that radar and a bit of artistic licence by making him accurate enough to be a likeness but still pleasing to the eye (I know what I mean anyway). xx


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