Art exhibition – preparing for my first art exhibition

I have decided to take the plunge and exhibit more works at an art fair.  It is pretty low key since it’s a local artisan fair in the village hall.  However, it’s my first one so I’m pretty excited and exhausted with all the thinking, planning and list making.  I am assuming that once the first one is complete I will have a better idea of what I need and don’t need and what works and what doesn’t work.  The fair is a week tomorrow, but I have already spent far in excess of what I could possibly hope to gain from doing it.  The hope is that I will do more of them and then it will prove  cost effective in the long term.

Up until the acquisition of a fine art printer I was not able to contemplate exhibiting since I did not have original pieces to show.  My sports art tends to sell fairly quickly and my commissions obviously go to the customer.  However, now I can produce my own prints I have art to sell.  So far I have planned for the following:

  • a panel stand up display to show prints framed & some original pet drawings
  • a print rack to display mounted prints
  • a couple of table easels to show prints & small framed prints
  • a couple of plate racks to stack greeting cards
  • leaflets

So I have had to order lots more mounts, bags to put them in, more frames, greeting cards prints (I am anxiously awaiting the proofs) a display panel, a print rack, paper bags for purchases, business cards, thank you cards, a tablecloth……

I’ll keep you updated on my preparations as the week goes on…..



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