Snow Spaniel – progress drawing pastel spaniel drawing


Pastel progress drawing of my latest piece – Snow Spaniel.  This was a intriguing episode in my development as an artist.  I have been following a few brilliant pet artists on social media.  I noticed that they all do quite detailed pencil drawings initially before applying colour.  I’ve been practising my pencil sketching as well, which lead me to try and do a more detailed under sketch before starting this drawing.  It was a mistake, convinced that I had sketched it correctly I applied the pastel quite freely ignoring my artist’s eye which kept telling me that something was wrong.  Eventually I listened to it and ditched the drawing today.  Starting with a new piece of paper I began the drawing again how I normally do them as you can see in the above progress shots. I start blocking in the shadow areas and build up the colour from there as you would do with a painting.  It is called snow spaniel because there’s a lovely sprinkling of snow on his head. I am looking forward to completing that part with white pastel at the end.


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