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Cricket progress drawing in charcoal by cricket artist


It feels great to be back in the studio and particularly to be doing a cricket drawing.  Obviously this is one of my classic dismissal drawings with the wickets flying with their customary flight.  Capturing motion in sport is a challenge but quite straightforward if you focus on what you can actually see happening.  This is drawn in charcoal (not compressed)


Bowled Him! – original charcoal cricket drawing

cricket drawing of batsman being bowled in the ashes with steve smith

This is an original drawing.  It is completed in vine charcoal with white pastel highlights and red conte pastel for the ball.  There are many great moments in an Ashes series and this is one of them.  The figure is based on England’s Joe Root being smartly bowled.  He has misjudged a ball that has kept low.  Australia’s Steve Smith watches on intently from his slip position, yet to react to the decisive dismissal.  I wanted the fielder to remain in the background, almost a spectator to this defining moment in the game so I blended his figure discreetly into the background.  It has worked well with the chaotic crash of the wickets contrasting with the intense concentration of the fielder.
The original is now sold, limited edition fine art prints are available.  To purchase prints click on the image to be taken to my website Shop.

Cricket drawing – ‘too late cut’ – charcoal cricket prints

cricket batting sketch of late cut action shot

‘Late Cut’ is now completed.  This was such a great position, the batsman has backed off, intending to cut the ball but it has all gone horribly wrong.  He is left awkwardly in the wrong position whilst the ball sails on to the stumps.  The drawing has been completed in shades of cretacolor pastel pencil as well as conte soft pastel.  It is drawn on high quality Canson pastel paper.  The original drawing is now sold. To purchase prints of the drawing click on the image to follow the link to my shop.

This would make an exceptionally unique gift for any cricket lover or cricket club.

Next original cricket drawing – part 1

It’s time to do another cricket drawing. I love this shot. The batsman has prepared a sweep and is left awkwardly  dangling whilst the ball takes his wicket.  It’s a great moment.  I’m drawing it in pastel, currently 6 grey tones are involved.  The focus is on bat, ball and the batsman’s head position, the rest is like smoke and I’ll keep soft.  After putting down rough shadow shapes I am beginning to place more detail on it. The ball position you can probably predict as too are the bails.