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Christmas Drawings

During the last few weeks I have been working on commissions, attending art fairs and working on my new mini 8 x 8″ pencils studies from life.

Here is a collection of my recent work…..

graphite pencil drawing of a kitten


This is Lowra, she has been drawn in graphite pencil, various grades from 9B to 6H.  Lots of blending to give her the softness.  You can click on the image or click here to find out more information about Lowra.

These small studies formed the beginnings of a new series ‘ Daily Sketches’.  They are all sized 8 x 8″ and come framed for £55.  They are completed in graphite pencil on Arches Watercolour paper.  They have proved popular with two of them selling fairly quickly.  By doing these small detailed sketches each morning it gives me an opportunity to keep my artist’s eye finely tuned before moving on to my larger commissioned piece for the rest of the day.  You can discover more about my daily sketches by visiting the page on my website here

Finally here is a collection of my commissions completed for Christmas…

The New Year has brought a wave of commissions, mostly for cricket and some pet portraits….Exciting times


Wicket keeper original charcoal commission

Wicket keeper original charcoal drawing

This week I am working on a commission, it is a surprise wedding anniversary present for the subjects husband (he doesn’t really use social media so we are ok for updates.)

This is drawn with Nitram charcoal on Canson Mi Teintes paper. The size is 16 x 12 inches.  Here are some progress drawings…..

 I have also produced some short videos to show actual drawing at speed..

The piece is not yet complete, its on hold whilst I await some more reference photographs.

Portrait Drawing

Back to portrait drawing from life on Friday morning, although this time there was limited time so I had to take photos and draw it in my studio.  I have been dying to do this one as it is a real challenge.  Steve has glasses and a beard, a double challenge for a portrait artist..


I have begun work on this one which should be complete in the week.

New Pastel Cat Drawing

Itching to get back into colour I have selected this drawing of a cat that I’ve kept hold of for a while.  I’ve changed the cat from its traditional tortoiseshell to a play with colours.  I wanted to contrast the emerald eyes with sapphire ears.  Here’s a clip video of the progress….

The completed piece has proved to be very popular.  It is available in my website shop as well as a limited number of fine art prints…

Click here to go to its page or on the image below..

an original pastel drawing of a tortoiseshell cat completed in conte pastels on pastelmat with green emerald eyes


TIMid – original cat pencil drawing

Meet Tim, I have called him TIMid to represent his name and his nature.  It was lots of fun drawing him all the time keeping my focus on the timidity expression I wanted to portray. The original is currently available to buy from my shop – click here or click on TIM to take you there – if the original is sold there are a limited number (50) prints available.  I would love to know what you think, please feel free to leave a comment.  There is also a little clip video I made of his progress….

pencil graphite drawing of a black and white cat and kitten


Cat pencil drawing – in progress

I have been wanting to draw a cat for a while and this is my opportunity.  What a great expression this little chap has, I am really looking for innocence but currently I am getting scared to death so I need to change that today…

pencil drawing of black and white cat

Cat and Mouse – original charcoal drawing

I am delighted to be able to share my completed drawing.  It has turned out amazingly well, with being just as I pictured it.  The finished piece is available to purchase from my website shop, click here to be taken there or click on the image – prints are also available. The watermark is not on the original or prints.

charcoal drawing of a cat looking into a mousehole with the silhouette of a mouse in shadow

Cat and Mouse

I have also prepared a video to show the progress of this drawing which I am very proud of. Generally people enjoy seeing the artist at work, that can’t be done most of the time so these little timelapse and clip videos are a perfect way of showing how you work and give a degree of authenticity to the drawing.


Cat and Mouse – progress drawing

Not as much work on this today as I would have liked.  Mainly because I spent a beautiful afternoon being treated to a proper English afternoon tea, something that I must confess to never having had before.

We went to the Manor House Hotel in my home town of Alsager, literally just around the corner so it was perfect.  The treat had come from one of my closest friends for my birthday, it felt like a bit of an over indulgence but I gave it a try.  I am aware that a growing number of places now offer #afternoon tea. There is even a facebook page dedicated to them (I’ve decided to follow them), I noticed a couple treating themselves to one in Marks and Spencer a few weeks back.  I must confess to thinking it a bit greedy, who can possibly eat all that food?  I struggle to manage one scone with a cup of tea on occasion. So, yesterday I prepared myself, I went for an early morning run and then an hours dog walk.  I ate a yoghurt for breakfast and nothing else until 1 0’clock came (does anyone else suffer from a need to sacrifice meals in order to over indulge at other times???

We could not have asked for a more perfect day, lovely and sunny sitting in the courtyard under the shaded umbrella and practically too early for wasps.  My friend has a particularly passionate dread of wasps, she would happily abandon a young child in order to flea from the striped menace.

a photograph of a table showing afternoon tea at the manor house hotel in alsager cheshire

Afternoon at The Manor House Hotel in Alsager

We had a great catch up, put the world to rights, shared ‘who’s teenager is the worst’ conversations, ate and drank until we popped. The trick I think is to try a little bit of the cakes rather than try to eat them all….. any other tips would be appreciated.  At the end I could not believe 2 hours had passed and the remaining cakes were wrapped up to take home in a doggy bag (or teenager bag).

So… at the end of the day the progress on my charcoal cat and mouse is up to working my way round the fur detail.  Here is a little clip video of working on the fur in a lighter area of the cat.



With charcoal the temptation is to save all the lighter areas to complete in white charcoal but this can be a mistake.  Too often the white actually becomes grey – use that to your advantage for areas that need to be grey as you can then blend them quite nicely.  Use a sharp eraser to carve out lighter fur detail and save the white charcoal for the very brightest white highlights.  More to follow later…..

Cat and Mouse progress drawings – charcoal

It’s great to start a new drawing, the excitement of the empty easel and then beginning to plan it all never leaves me.  I’ve tracked this one as I have gone along because I know people like to see the progress.


photograph of an empty easel with foam board

Empty Easel






I hope you enjoy them, more to follow…..