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Wicket keeper original charcoal commission

Wicket keeper original charcoal drawing

This week I am working on a commission, it is a surprise wedding anniversary present for the subjects husband (he doesn’t really use social media so we are ok for updates.)

This is drawn with Nitram charcoal on Canson Mi Teintes paper. The size is 16 x 12 inches.  Here are some progress drawings…..

 I have also produced some short videos to show actual drawing at speed..

The piece is not yet complete, its on hold whilst I await some more reference photographs.

Portrait Drawing

Back to portrait drawing from life on Friday morning, although this time there was limited time so I had to take photos and draw it in my studio.  I have been dying to do this one as it is a real challenge.  Steve has glasses and a beard, a double challenge for a portrait artist..


I have begun work on this one which should be complete in the week.

New Pastel Cat Drawing

Itching to get back into colour I have selected this drawing of a cat that I’ve kept hold of for a while.  I’ve changed the cat from its traditional tortoiseshell to a play with colours.  I wanted to contrast the emerald eyes with sapphire ears.  Here’s a clip video of the progress….

The completed piece has proved to be very popular.  It is available in my website shop as well as a limited number of fine art prints…

Click here to go to its page or on the image below..

an original pastel drawing of a tortoiseshell cat completed in conte pastels on pastelmat with green emerald eyes



Cricket progress drawing in charcoal


This is a commission from a club cricketer.  Punching a ball back down the ground he’s holding his shot in a pose.  I draw my cricket drawings in charcoal because the looseness of the charcoal allows me to express movement really well.  I tried as an experiment to draw a cricket drawing in pencil but I found I could not create as much fluidity partly because I could not get the blacks black enough.

Cricket drawing – original charcoal bowler progress drawing


I’m so pleased to be starting my next commission especially as it is cricket and I haven’t drawn a cricket drawing for a while.  Particularly I’m loving this because it’s a bowler and I certainly haven’t drawn a bowler for quite a while.  This is for Christmas so it really needs to be finished this week.  The first application of charcoal to mark out the shadows has gone really well and you can see the cricket bowler is in full bowling action.  The next step is to go over each area carefully and define the shadows and mid tones.