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Charcoal portrait & wicket keeper drawing

Finally I get around to drawing a man with a beard.  It’s a great challenge and Steve has kindly agreed to model for me.  The completed piece is underneath.


charcoal drawing of a man with a beard and glasses


Wicket Keeper Drawing

This week I have been completing my wicket keeper drawing.  I took a break from it as I was not getting a likeness but managed to complete it successfully.

Here is a video of is progress….

The finished piece is not available to purchase at the moment but limited edition prints (50) are available.  Only prints bought directly from myself as the artist will be the correct quality, signed and dated by me.   The image below is of a lower resolution version for the internet.  Click here to go to my website shop.

charcoal wicket keeper drawing with a green cap

Standing Up to the Stumps

Sales this week:

Two limited edition prints



Cricket progress drawing in charcoal by cricket artist


It feels great to be back in the studio and particularly to be doing a cricket drawing.  Obviously this is one of my classic dismissal drawings with the wickets flying with their customary flight.  Capturing motion in sport is a challenge but quite straightforward if you focus on what you can actually see happening.  This is drawn in charcoal (not compressed)

Art Fair – cricket drawings & pet commissions 

All set up and ready for my stall. Cards & commissions going well.Lots of positive feedback. It’s really great to talk to people about art. They have great opinions and firm ideas about what they like. I think I’ll be busy in the new year. 

Imran Khan – original charcoal cricket drawing

Imran Khan charcoal cricket bowling action drawing

Completed in charcoal and pastel this is a commission.  A Pakistan cricket team fan wants 4 drawings completed of his favourite players.  What made this particular drawing a challenge was that quite alot of bowlers pull such awful faces when they bowl.  Mr Khan likes to push out his bottom lip, others stick their tongue out etc.  I could not draw them like that so I had to root around for alternative images to create a much more pleasing drawing.  This drawing is available as limited edition prints, click on the image to follow the link to my shop.