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Wicket keeper original charcoal commission

Wicket keeper original charcoal drawing

This week I am working on a commission, it is a surprise wedding anniversary present for the subjects husband (he doesn’t really use social media so we are ok for updates.)

This is drawn with Nitram charcoal on Canson Mi Teintes paper. The size is 16 x 12 inches.  Here are some progress drawings…..

 I have also produced some short videos to show actual drawing at speed..

The piece is not yet complete, its on hold whilst I await some more reference photographs.

Portrait Drawing

Back to portrait drawing from life on Friday morning, although this time there was limited time so I had to take photos and draw it in my studio.  I have been dying to do this one as it is a real challenge.  Steve has glasses and a beard, a double challenge for a portrait artist..


I have begun work on this one which should be complete in the week.

New Pastel Cat Drawing

Itching to get back into colour I have selected this drawing of a cat that I’ve kept hold of for a while.  I’ve changed the cat from its traditional tortoiseshell to a play with colours.  I wanted to contrast the emerald eyes with sapphire ears.  Here’s a clip video of the progress….

The completed piece has proved to be very popular.  It is available in my website shop as well as a limited number of fine art prints…

Click here to go to its page or on the image below..

an original pastel drawing of a tortoiseshell cat completed in conte pastels on pastelmat with green emerald eyes



Cricket progress drawing in charcoal by cricket artist


It feels great to be back in the studio and particularly to be doing a cricket drawing.  Obviously this is one of my classic dismissal drawings with the wickets flying with their customary flight.  Capturing motion in sport is a challenge but quite straightforward if you focus on what you can actually see happening.  This is drawn in charcoal (not compressed)

Cricket drawing – original charcoal bowler progress drawing


I’m so pleased to be starting my next commission especially as it is cricket and I haven’t drawn a cricket drawing for a while.  Particularly I’m loving this because it’s a bowler and I certainly haven’t drawn a bowler for quite a while.  This is for Christmas so it really needs to be finished this week.  The first application of charcoal to mark out the shadows has gone really well and you can see the cricket bowler is in full bowling action.  The next step is to go over each area carefully and define the shadows and mid tones.

Next original cricket drawing – part 1

It’s time to do another cricket drawing. I love this shot. The batsman has prepared a sweep and is left awkwardly  dangling whilst the ball takes his wicket.  It’s a great moment.  I’m drawing it in pastel, currently 6 grey tones are involved.  The focus is on bat, ball and the batsman’s head position, the rest is like smoke and I’ll keep soft.  After putting down rough shadow shapes I am beginning to place more detail on it. The ball position you can probably predict as too are the bails. 

‘Conversion’ – completed


This is now complete, the original is available to buy – click on the image to follow the link

Completed in charcoal and white pastel this is an original drawing.  The inspiration for the drawing came from a photo of England’s George Ford.  The anticipation of the kick and the sheer concentration at the center of a packed arena with millions watching is intense.  Its something that we can only imagine.  I wanted to capture the moment before the kick although at this point there is little movement occurring.

Converted Try


Start of my next drawing, I don’t normally like to draw sports people in a stationery position, however I liked the moment of anticipation in this shot. At this stage I have crudely laid down the main shade areas. It’s probably the most tricky part because before I put any charcoal on the paper I have to carefully measure how the figure is placed. Working out the middle point and the total width, ensuring it will fit on the paper and then how each part relates to each other. The hardest part is where to begin. I don’t like to start with the head because otherwise I get wrapped up in the portrait detail so I like to start with the darkest shadow.

Waiting – part 2


Looking more human now I have gone back over the shadow shapes to begin to define them in terms of light, medium and dark tone. Not too concerned with face detail at the moment I will do that next stage. I want to maintain a vagueness and far off look for this one so I am not too concerned with every detail.