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Misbah Ul Haq – push up warm up & preparing for artfair.

I can’t believe I have not finished my drawing of Misbah’s push up warm up but I have been busy with print sales this week and preparing for my art fair on Sunday.  However the bits I have been working on have been quality.  Here is a timelapse of me drawing Misbah himself.


On Sunday I am attending the first art fair for Cheshire Makers which is being held at the Lion Salt Works in Northwich.  Art fairs are a great opportunity to meet your public, to network with other artists and showcase your art (if you’re lucky you might also get some sales!)  This is where I am this Sunday…

I’ve been working on trying out my oil painting skills – very mixed results.  Trying to paint a dog was particularly interesting because I know how to draw a dog but not how to use the paints properly.  It’s great having a go at another medium but can also be frustrating when you don’t immediately get the results that you want (it’s also expensive).

I’ve put it to one side for now, I could scrap it or finish it.  I can’t help but think that it would make a wonderful pastel drawing instead ….


Javed Miandad progress drawing in charcoal

javed miandad portrait cricket drawing by uk cricket artist

Start of my next drawing in charcoal. Javed Miandad celebrating a victory in the 1992 Cricket World Cup.

Imran Khan – original charcoal cricket drawing

Imran Khan charcoal cricket bowling action drawing

Completed in charcoal and pastel this is a commission.  A Pakistan cricket team fan wants 4 drawings completed of his favourite players.  What made this particular drawing a challenge was that quite alot of bowlers pull such awful faces when they bowl.  Mr Khan likes to push out his bottom lip, others stick their tongue out etc.  I could not draw them like that so I had to root around for alternative images to create a much more pleasing drawing.  This drawing is available as limited edition prints, click on the image to follow the link to my shop.