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Wicket keeper original charcoal commission

Wicket keeper original charcoal drawing

This week I am working on a commission, it is a surprise wedding anniversary present for the subjects husband (he doesn’t really use social media so we are ok for updates.)

This is drawn with Nitram charcoal on Canson Mi Teintes paper. The size is 16 x 12 inches.  Here are some progress drawings…..

 I have also produced some short videos to show actual drawing at speed..

The piece is not yet complete, its on hold whilst I await some more reference photographs.

Portrait Drawing

Back to portrait drawing from life on Friday morning, although this time there was limited time so I had to take photos and draw it in my studio.  I have been dying to do this one as it is a real challenge.  Steve has glasses and a beard, a double challenge for a portrait artist..


I have begun work on this one which should be complete in the week.

New Pastel Cat Drawing

Itching to get back into colour I have selected this drawing of a cat that I’ve kept hold of for a while.  I’ve changed the cat from its traditional tortoiseshell to a play with colours.  I wanted to contrast the emerald eyes with sapphire ears.  Here’s a clip video of the progress….

The completed piece has proved to be very popular.  It is available in my website shop as well as a limited number of fine art prints…

Click here to go to its page or on the image below..

an original pastel drawing of a tortoiseshell cat completed in conte pastels on pastelmat with green emerald eyes



Waiting to bat….

Waiting to Bat

This is the completed drawing of Harvey waiting to bat. I have photographed the final piece as it larger than my normal size so it won’t fit on the scanner.  The piece will now be framed ready for collection from the customer.  Apart from the obvious artist niggles I am quite pleased with the end result.  I wanted it to be impressionistic but as usual with portrait drawers I could not help myself and probably put more face detail in than I intended.  This moment is a whole range of emotions for all cricketers as anyone will tell you.  It is equally so for any junior cricketer.  I don’t know what happened when he did go into bat, it kind of doesn’t really matter at this moment, like all sports drawings its about capturing the moment – when he did bat, that was another range of moments.

Waiting – Part 3


The drawing is getting more defined now. I’ve revisited all the shadow areas to sharpen them up. I’ve also used a charcoal pencil to define some finer lines around the face. Next step is to use the White pastel for the brightest highlights and complete the face detail.

Waiting – part 2


Looking more human now I have gone back over the shadow shapes to begin to define them in terms of light, medium and dark tone. Not too concerned with face detail at the moment I will do that next stage. I want to maintain a vagueness and far off look for this one so I am not too concerned with every detail.




This is the start of my next commission. I am very excited about this one because it’s a full composition in that it isn’t just the figure or pet it is a complete picture. To be honest the reference photo is so lovely that I can’t think why the customer wants a drawing of it so I need to offer something different than a photo, I need to turn it into a true piece of art. I am focusing purely on shade for this one to give it depth and Impressionism. I have just finished blocking in roughly where the shadows are.  The boy is waiting to go in to bat, his face contains all the emotion that comes with that. Watch this space xx

Off you go!

I could not resist this quick ink sketch.  I am planning on creating a full charcoal drawing but I wanted to do a quick initial sketch completed in ink.

Prints & cards available, click on the image to follow the link.

Off you go!

‘get on with it’

A charcoal and pastel drawing of the non-facing batsman

'get on with it' 29-05-2013 19-22-57. 29-05-2013 19-22-57

For prints click on the image to follow the link